NT Bingo

I shared this on twitter, tumblr and in some fb groups, but I thought I would share it here.  I can feel very anxious when dealing with people who are dismissive of my Asperger’s. My stomach feels knotty and I feel like I have to explain everything. Usually, it doesn’t matter how much we explain, if the person patronizing us doesn’t want to learn/listen, they aren’t going to.  So I’m done.  I’m done explaining my Asperger’s to those who really don’t care to know about it. 

Instead of feeling nervous or feeling like I owe them an explanation, now I remain silent and play NT Bingo. Maybe you call it Alltypical Bingo.  You really can call it whatever you want.  It works like regular bingo. You put a mark on your card to match their unsupportive statements.  If you get a bingo, reward yourself for your patience.  I used this just the other day with someone. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and anxious to explain myself, I sat back and smiled and thought “Boy, if she keeps this up, I might get blackout Bingo!” 

Hope it helps you as it has helped me. Remember, the middle square is free. Just like their ignorance.


5 thoughts on “NT Bingo

  1. I have heard relatively few of these, so I guess I am blessed.
    I make a point of not spending time with negative people, only those awesome enough to be accepting get to be my friends 🙂

  2. Hey, Pensive and friends! Thanks for finding me and accepting me. Yes, “Acceptance” should supersede “Awareness”.

    The “Awareness” ribbon is useful, though, for a big concern of mine, both as musician, as grandfather, and apprentice Aspie (not yet a passed Master, that is). It’s the noisy environment problem.

    Pop music has fallen for “louder is better”, starting in the mid-50’s and escalating ever since. The world sounds better to me through earplugs. If I’m caught in a loud soundspace without them, I find something to tear into two pieces to roll up and stuff in my ears. I keep a scrap of rubber kitchen shelf matting for such emergencies.

    Please, all within my voice: PROTECT YOUR HEARING. Stay far away from the thousands of watts the DJ at that wedding cranks out. Hearing loss is not painful while it happens–that’s the insidious danger. Once some of it is gone, it never grows back.

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