Social Media says killing black kids IS acceptable – and you agree.

It is always a tragedy when a child dies.  Unfortunately, in America, it is more of a tragedy when a white child dies.  When Caucasian children are killed they are mourned IMMEDIATELY.  There are bumper stickers, rallies, signs on the side of the road demanding “Justice for….”  and communities become outraged.  They receive support.  Everyone agrees that the child’s death was a horrible wrong. No one blames the white child.  In fact, just this year in my community, there was a vigil for a child who was murdered five years ago.  A white, female child.

It isn’t the same for black children.  Before they can be even minimally mourned by the community, Caucasians must first determine whether or not the black child was a threat or a “thug.”  Based on the child’s clothes or facebook pictures, Caucasians believe they have the right to use social media to decide if the child deserved to die.  If he was black, he probably deserved it. In this picture of Tamir Rice holding up a peace sign, some claimed he was “flashing gang signs.”

He must have been in that same gang as John Lennon, Will Smith, and former President Bush.


When police murder an African-American, even one who is unarmed, Caucasians immediately believe it was the victim’s fault.  “Live like a thug. Die like a thug!”  Without knowing the victim or his/her family, they immediately judge that the black person must have been at fault –  even if it is a child. Many don’t even bother to read the article for details.  They just assume that the police were right.

Why do we hold the police LESS accountable for their crimes?  They are professionals and should be held to a higher standard – not a lower one.  I fully realize there are many wonderful, hardworking, fair police officers out there, but do we really believe there are NO bad cops?  Do we believe that about any other profession?  Aren’t there bad doctors, bad lawyers, bad fast food workers?  Are we really naive enough to think that the law enforcement profession is the only profession free of bad apples?

Look at the case of Tamir Rice, the 12 yr old boy executed by a police officer in Cleveland in November.  Video of the incident proves that the police officers drove right up to the boy, and the cop shot him WITHOUT WARNING as he jumped out of the car. Less than two seconds. No hands up. No warning.  No chance to surrender.

His “crime”?  Holding a bb gun that was mistaken for a real gun. The cops thought a 12 yr old was in his 20s.
The catch? Ohio is an open-carry state, so a 20 something adult holding a gun wouldn’t be a crime.

Does he look 20 to you?  I know.. your first thought was “That’s probably an old picture.” See? That is EXACTLY what I am talking about. You immediately thought we pulled up an old picture to make him look sweet and innocent. You’re wrong.  It IS a recent picture, and he WAS sweet and innocent.


Instead of asking for the police to be accountable, Caucasians rally around the cop.  I can’t help but wonder:  would Caucasians be more sympathetic if someone besides a police officer had killed this boy?  After the comments I have read online, I’m starting to believe there are no circumstances in which an African-American can be murdered that would elicit sympathy and support from the majority of Caucasians.

*  What if it had been a white teen that came up and shot this boy? ~~ “Blacks kill whites all the time and no one cares!”
* A Mexican man? ~~  “That’s what happens when you let immigrants into this country. It’s Obama’s fault.”
* What if it had been a black man?  ~~ “Blacks are always killing other blacks. I mean, it’s sad, but his dad was probably a drug dealer or something. That’s why they need to focus on black-on-black crime!”
* What if it had been an old white man?  ~~ “That kid was probably trying to rob him and that’s why he shot him.”

These are the types of comments I have read online in response to stories I have read where unarmed black youth are shot. These are things that WHITE people are saying today. Not 1950. TODAY.

I wanted to talk about this with friends, family, and other Caucasians, but they don’t see an issue.
I wanted to talk about how heavy my heart is over this. A police officer literally gunned down a 12 yr old boy with no warning.  I was shocked when almost all of my friends failed to show concern.  None of my family really seemed to care.   These are intelligent, loving, moral people.  People I love and thought I looked up to. How can they not see how this is wrong? People said things like “He shouldn’t have had a gun!”  Seriously?  He was 12.  TWELVE. Not twenty-five.  And it was a BB gun. Nearly every boy I know has a BB gun!  I’ve seen the scrawny white country boys in this neighborhood walking down the street to their friends house carrying their bb guns. Half the kids here have a REAL gun (for “hunting” of course).  But… my friends and family aren’t racist. I don’t believe I know a single person who believes they are racist.   They’ll even tell you. “I’m not racist!”

WOULDNTGETKILLED    Crimeforblackppl

They believe they aren’t racist because we’ve all watched those movies like  Roots, Amistad, Rosewood, and 12 Years A Slave.  We cringed. We cried. We could not believe the atrocities, but we have come a long way since then.

We watched The Help and 42 and shook our heads.  We affirmed that if we had been alive then, we would NEVER have acted that way. No way. Not us because we have come a long way since then.  Yet faced with story after story of police brutality against African-Americans today, so many of my friends choose dismiss it.  “We are equal now. They need to stop playing the race card! Segregation ended a long time ago!  White people are victims too!”

When I bring up those who were killed or harassed without breaking any law, they wave it away.
When they hear of African-Americans marching on Washington, they roll their eyes.
When they hear of the protests that stop traffic, they sigh in disgust. “Why do they have to disrupt MY life. I’m not the one causing them problems!!”
And they say “We have come a long way since then. Things are so much better now. “



They don’t realize how similar they are to the white housewives in “The Help.”  I imagine the housewives in the southern states did the same thing in the ’50s and ’60s. I can see them sitting around with their cocktails discussing the “colored” and saying “I don’t know WHY they want Civil Rights. Slavery ended years ago. We have come a long way since then. Why can’t they just be happy with what they have? My girl even has her OWN bathroom. Her OWN bathroom! You think that would be enough!”  I can hear them talking about how there is no need for the marches and the civil rights movements because “Things are so much better now!”  They didn’t realize they were on the wrong side of history then.


I have no doubt they thought they were right in dismissing the issues facing African-Americans because to them, segregation was so much better than slavery. I mean… they would have never agreed to slavery. Right?  And even though black folks had to drink from a different water fountain, they HAD water fountains, right?  They had “colored” restaurants and motels. They had their OWN things. What more could they possibly want? They had everything white people had – you know – on their own side of town.

What they failed to understand then and so what many white Americans are failing to understand now is that “We have come a long way since then” does not mean we are done. It is not the same as “Equal”Once again, we are on the WRONG side of history.

Another tactic I see Caucasians doing online is the diversion tactic. Instead of discussing why it is wrong for officers to assault and kill unarmed individuals, white people love to post these sort of memes in the comments of news stories where African Americans are slain.:


Rather than focusing on the issue of police brutality or the death of this one specific person or child, they try a diversion technique by going off-topic to say “look what other black guys did!”  When people do this, they minimize this child’s death. They say his death doesn’t matter because other children have died too. 

Do we do this when White people are killed? If we hear that a white child was shot, do we immediately post these memes and say “Too bad that white kid got shot but look at what white people do!!”:

10302920146_afc31601a2_z jordandavisgunned


No, we don’t.

When Antonio Santiago (the infant in the stroller) was killed by two black teens, did anyone look into his mother’s criminal history? Did anyone call Sherry West a bad mom?  Did anyone talk about how she didn’t raise her other child or how she began asking about insurance money within hours of the baby’s death? Did anyone insult her appearance? Her obviously fake blonde hair? Her clothes? Her weight? Whether or not she was on welfare?

SherryW swest2



Because Sherry was white and the killers were black “thugs”.  No need to look any further. Another black “thug” murder.  Later, there would be speculation that she was involved for the insurance money.  Even her own daughter suspects her, but we don’t want to hear about that. That isn’t being plastered all over social media. Let’s go back to focusing on those black hoodlums.

No one questioned poor, innocent Sherry West, but the internet was full of blame and hatred towards Tamir Rice’s mother. People immediately begin looking to see if his parents had an arrest record. They report his mom has only a sixth grade education. In the comments of his story white people write that she looked “all pimped out on TV”.  They insulted her braids “fake hair”. Her jewelry. Her clothes.  Her weight.  They made comments on “how good welfare must be for her to look so big and healthy!”  Where was the sympathy for this mom?  Why is she attacked but Sherry West is martyred?

This is a mother who just lost her baby – her youngest child and people were so full of vitriol towards her.

samaria-rice samrice

                         ~*~*~*~*~*~*~  THIS NEEDS TO STOP.  ~*~*~*~*~*~*~

                            ~*~*~*~*~*~*~ WE NEED CHANGE.   ~*~*~*~*~*~*~

We need police to stop assuming.


We need equality.  THIS is not equality:


We need accountability.  Is it so wrong to want police officers held accountable when something does go wrong?  Every other profession faces accountability for their mistakes: Doctors, Nurses, Lawyers. If a nurse makes a mistake and gives the wrong drug, their fellow nurse friends don’t determine if they were wrong. There is an investigation that comes from outside their hospital.  The same for goes for doctors. They don’t investigate themselves the way police do.  Why are the police allowed to investigate their own alleged crimes?  Asking for accountability is not the same as thinking all police are wrong or bad.


 We need to quit blaming the victim.  Red, yellow, black, white – No child deserves to die.  No person is more or less valuable because of their skin color.  Mark 12:31 “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.”  John Crawford.  Aiyana Jones. DeAunta Farrow. Akai Gurley.  These names should be etched on our hearts.

 We need to stop. Just stop.
Stop spreading hate and judgment on social media.
Stop calling black youth THUGS.
Stop accusing African American protestors of being unemployed and on welfare.  When you do this, YOU are promoting the very racism and racial stereotypes you claim you’re tired of hearing about.
Stop looking for reasons to make this person’s death acceptable.

Last but not least, we need COMPASSION.  Compassion for the death of a child regardless of the color of his skin.  Sympathy for the family who has lost their child.  It doesn’t matter if the mom is a soccer mom and leader of the PTA or a single mother struggling on welfare.  It doesn’t matter if dad is employed as a bank manager or struggling as a gas station cashier.

They are still parents who have lost their child, and that loss is not lessened by social status.

We need to realize that in this age of social media, the child’s brother and sister are going online and reading those ugly, hurtful, racist things people post.  Somehow the anonymity of social media has made people LESS human instead of more humane.

No child deserves to die.  When I look at the pictures of Tamir, I don’t see a black boy. I see a BOY that is very much like my boy.  I wish my friends and family could see what I see.  I hope you can.



34 thoughts on “Social Media says killing black kids IS acceptable – and you agree.

  1. This is such a strong and powerful post! As a white mother of 2 black teens, they are treated well when I am with them as my white privilege offers them protection. But when they are out on their own, I worry constantly about their safety. I have shared your article with my Facebook transracial adoption group. Thank you for writing this!

    • I will pray for you and your boys, and PLEASE pray for mine. When we all stand before the judgement seat of God, what will be our excuse…..

      • I actually have a 15 year old boy and a 13 year old girl. I worry more about my son as even though he has a young face, he is 6′ tall and 225 lbs. I don’t think the police or other shooters will notice the baby face. They will see black skin and a large stature and view him as a thug and a threat. I will pray for your family and am thankful you will pray for mine.

  2. You need to look at the tamir rice shooting tape a little closer and check your facts before spouting such gibberish….

    He was shot because he reached for what the officers thought was a real gun after being ordered to put his hands up.

    How long exactly do you think the police should have given him to pull the gun out and verify whether it was real or not? How long do you think it takes a bullet to travel 20ft? And why do you think that a child armed with a gun should be treated as any less of a threat than an adult with the same weapon?

    Try answering these questions and you’ll have the answer to why he was shot….

    • I am afraid you are the one who is ignorant. You obviously haven’t read any of the articles or watched the video. You’ve probably only seen the Fox News Headlines. You didn’t even read this blog. You just skimmed and posted. Was it too much work? All that reading?

      Fact: The 911 caller stated there was “a guy,” probably “a juvenile,” that had what he thought to be a pistol, though he added that “it’s probably a fake.”

      Fact: Police did not give him a warning. You can see it clearly in the video. The drove up to him and the officer shot him AS HE EXITED HIS VEHICLE. Less than 2 seconds. There is no way they had time to warn him.

      Fact: Ohio is an OPEN CARRY STATE. Just having a gun would not be a reason for police to drive up and shoot someone. The police claim they thought he was in his 20’s. If that is true, then it would be 100% LEGAL for him to have had a gun out in the open in Ohio.

      Fact: That is NOT police procedure. They would not drive up to a suspect with a gun and put themselves in harm’s way. If you don’t believe me, look up Joseph Houseman. They always try to talk the person into putting the weapon down first. They did NOT do this with Tamir. They simply drove up and executed him.

      Fact: It wasn’t his gun. A friend had loaned it to him earlier that day at the Rec center. Why is it that when white kids play with a toy gun it’s “Army Guys!” or “007” but when a black kid has a gun, it’s “He’s a THUG!”

      Fact: The officer that murdered Tamir – Timothy Loehmann – had been asked to resign from his former position as a police officer in a town of 7,000 people because of his emotional instability, dishonesty (they caught him lying on the job several times), disregard for safety, and his INABILITY TO FOLLOW ORDERS. “He appears to have the mind set that if he thinks he knows better, that is the course he follows.” (That quote is from his personnel file)

      Police are trained to handle these sort of situations. They have specialized training to deal with these incidents. When they fail to follow the protocol that has been established for them, they need to be held accountable. It is more than obvious Officer Loehmann is a complete failure as a police officer.

      The standards need to apply to all citizens. White OR Black or any color.

  3. This is so powerful. As a forrmer educator, I thought very strongly that I was not racist. Unfortunately and sadly, I saw me in some of what you wrote and instantly felt remorse and went to the Lord in prayer. My thoughts were centered on two areas. One, I didn’t understand what good the peaceful protests in other cities would do and your point of being on the wrong side of history showed me exactly what good they would do. Two, I was more focused on the fact that black on black crime is such a big problem in this country and believed resources should be focused on decreasing that activity instead of our activist leaders focusing on this one (now two) isolated events. I see now how wrong that logic is and realize a life is a life and that no attention brought to this matter is wasted effort. Thank you so much for opening my eyes with this well penned and articulated blog. I am sharing with all my friends. God bless.

  4. The peace sign flashed by John Lennon and President Bush are obviously not gang signs and it’s disingenuous to include them with the others. What are those hand signs given by the others, if not gang signs?

  5. This is powerful, it’s even more powerful because it the silent voice from eyes on the other side of the aisle. We need more to step up and honestly point these differences out. As long as we keep silent, others will feel that what they are doing is acceptable

    • I wish more people could see what I see. I have felt so frustrated these past few weeks because on my side of the aisle no one wants to have these conversations. People get so defensive. I want introspection. I want us to look inside ourselves and say “Is there anything I can do to make things better.” Instead people think that asking for an open conversation means a personal attack. Thank you for your reply. ❤ It means so much.

      • I’m not sure there is anything that can make THIS better.
        Not trying to sound pessimistic.
        We have big problems in this country.

        Social media not recognizing black crime victims.
        And… White, racist cops killing innocent, unarmed black kids.

        There is so much more to this story.
        The day people stop blaming everything and everyone outside of Black America for the problems in Black America.
        And start talking about personal responsibility and how it connects and affects ones life.
        Nothing is going to change.

        You are doing Black America more damage than good.

        I feel very sad.
        As an emotionally sensitive, fellow Aspie living in a 95% Black neighborhood.

        The problems, attitudes, violence, disrespect of self, property and others. Rudeness and hate run REAL deep.

        Can’t blame the police in this town. Because Its a free for all.

        Just like Everything else in life.
        IT all begins with SELF.
        Why should it be any different for Black America?

      • I hear what you are saying, but I think we need more than just *personal* accountability.

        You are an aspie. Can you imagine what it would be like if your Autism was immediately visible? You go to school as a child and people call you “Ass Burger!” “Retard!” or other slurs that Autistic people have been called. When you are out and about people treat you like you have the mental capacity of a six year old because in their mind, an Autistic person is one who sits and rocks and screams if they are touched. They follow you around the store because “those Autistic people” are unstable. Especially those Asperger kids. You know they go around shooting up schools and theaters and everything. What if you were treated this way and had to prove to every single person that your mental capacity was far above six, you don’t sit and rock with a helmet on, you don’t scream when touched, you don’t have a gun, and you just want to be treated fairly? What if you had to live your life constantly proving you weren’t a threat?

        Imagine you have to live that every day.

        That is a glimpse of what it’s like to be African American. I have watched as black kids are followed around the store by staff while my white son of the same age isn’t. I have watched people cross the street because a group of black kids were walking on the sidewalk. I have seen the statistics of the cradle to prison pipeline. Black youth are treated like criminals and expected to prove they aren’t. They are more likely to leave high school with a criminal record compared to white . Kiera Wilmot, 16 year old black honor student was charged with 2 felonies for making a volcano at school. Even thought there was NO damage, she was charged with possession/discharge of a weapon on school grounds and discharging a destructive device. She has since had the charges expunged – but she was an HONOR student and the school gave her an arrest record. Do you think she’ll be getting into a good school with that? What message did the school send her? Over all, black students are three and a half times more likely to be suspended or expelled than their white peers (from the US Dept of Education). Over 70 percent of the students involved in school-related arrests or referred to law enforcement were Hispanic or black.

        Believe it or not: It starts in PRESCHOOL. Even though African Americans make up only 13% of the US population, a study conducted by U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights shows that black preschoolers (yes, four and five year olds) make up almost half of all out-of-school suspensions for preschoolers. PRESCHOOL! Even at such a young age, black students are receiving the message that their behavior will be regarded differently, as inherently more disruptive and therefore more deserving of punishment.

        I tell you all this because it isn’t just about black people failing to be personally accountable. It’s about a broken system that tells these kids they are less than and worse than white kids from preschool. It tells them that there is a different standard for them *because* they are black. They get this message day in and day out and we’re surprised that they believe it? We’re surprised when they turn into “thugs” when they have been treated like a thug from childhood? They’ve grown up in a society that tells them all they are good for is having babies at 14 and being on welfare (Bill O’Reilley’s recent comments).

        It’s going to take more than just personal accountability from African Americans to undo the attitudes society has forced upon them. It’s hard to believe you have value when the world treats you like a criminal.

  6. “Just like Everything else in life. IT all begins with SELF. Why should it be any different for Black America?” Instead of complaining about “Black America”, why not apply this to “White America” and specifically the officers who are responsible for these deaths?

    “The day people stop blaming everything and everyone outside of Black America for the problems in Black America. And start talking about personal responsibility and how it connects and affects ones life.
    Nothing is going to change.” What is your point here? Kids play with BB guns all the time. Do you think they all deserve to get killed by police? Do you think “Black America” is to blame for the deaths of Tamir Rice and Jordan Davis? Why not blame the people who shot and killed them? I would love for “White America” to take much more responsibility for the culture of gun violence, the corruption among police forces, and the way killers of black men and boys are shielded from blame by politicians, the legal system, and the media.

      • To Pensive Aspie :
        For some reason there was no REPLY key at the end of your response to my comment.
        So I will respond here.

        THIS is exactly what I am talking about.
        How is comparing One life and hardships to another’s Helpful????

        You’ve not lived my life nor walked in my shoes.
        Or even know of the hurdles and injustices and self inflicted wrongs Ive had to overcome and heal from in my OWN life.

        It’s called teaching a community and INDIVIDUALS (all or any) how to self heal.. No matter what the circumstances.

        There are evils Everywhere in life.
        That is something to be dealt with.

        The Power Of Self and The Freedom and Power of Self Healing should also be added to the conversation.

        In my experience. The day I stopped blaming Was the day I started Healing.

        Thank you.
        Best wishes to All.

      • I agree there should be some form of self healing but it’s hard to heal when so many young innocent children are being gunew down by police officers, and to add more fuel to the fire they try to blame the young child by blaming the child. The first thing they do is pull up his record to see if he or she has been arrested before. Which in many cases has nothing to do with him or her being killed. I think thsee actions opens the wounds the most many cannot heal from that let alone the officer never being charged with anything. I’d say try walking in their shoes too and then you can say how do we heal

      • Not sure There is an answer or middle ground to this PROBLEM.
        I’m so Tired of listening to all these people perpetuating hate and divide.
        Like ….All Black kids are scarred from preschool on from their teachers!!! What????????
        Of course you would think that. The MAIN STREAM MEDIA only covers social injustices against anyone who isn’t white.
        Which is why you probably haven’t heard the news story about the White teacher that just won 150,000.00 in a lottery a few days ago. And gave it ALL to the inner city school where she teaches. So the kids could get their own computers.

        Or How about Cafeteria Man?
        Check this recent documentary out on PBS.
        A perfect example of How …One person with TRUE, Real intentions for positive change. Was able to take on the whole Baltimore school systems cafeteria and food program.
        And HANDS ON!!!! Turn the whole thing around in less than 2 years.

        Piling on, Screaming as loud as you can from the highest building Reciting negative bullshit.
        Black or white or orange or purple.

        Why not go out and make your own difference? You know, Pay it Forward. Ever heard of it. Be kind. Show kindness. Help those that need help if you can. Smile. Laugh.

        This country continues to change and make the necessary changes.
        The United States of America is a good place to be. Nothing is perfect.
        And there are bad people everywhere.

        Why are people so scared to look at this subject in a Can Do way?
        I think I already know this answer.
        And it makes me very sad.

        Happy Christmas Eve!!!!!
        Wishes of Peace and Love to Everyone in 2015

    • That’s what gets me people are quick assume they must of been doing something wrong and that it’s their parents or black Americas fault. As far as I am concerned if there is some fault it’s all Americans fault. Black America for letting it happen white America for turning a blind eye

  7. I am deeply troubled by racism and injustice in this country – and I am troubled by my own thoughts that I regard as racist. I want to know what I can do to make a difference.

    • My advice would be to you is to openly talk about it with others Participate in discussions groups. The racist society we live in today has not only tainted whites way of thinking, it has tainted blacks about white and how they think of themselves.

  8. Do you know how many Police Officers have been killed this year? Probably not, their deaths are frequently ignored by the mainstream media as well, the answer is One Hundred and Thirteen! They also get “judged” on their appearance alone, and it seems like “people” (the liberal left, Obama, Holder, Jackson, Sharpton) have declared an “Open Season” on them! Barack Obama will go down in history as “The Great Divider”, the absolute worst President in our history. From day one, he was pouring gasoline on a fire, and now he has his inferno! Nothing good will occur while he remains in office, he’ll make sure of that, “Divide and Conquer” is his GOAL!

    • Why is it so hard to believe that a person can be opposed to both killing officers & officers killing?

      And btw, it isn’t just black people shooting cops. White people are doing it too.

      Each of these deaths are tragic to me. The deaths of police officers killed in the line of duty is horrific. The deaths of innocent citizens who were unarmed is also horrific to me.

      What is even more gut-wrenching is story after story of white men who are arrested for shooting at cops or not even charged for holding a real gun and making threats while black citizens are shot dead for holding TOY guns (Tamir Rice, John Crawford, DeAunta Farrow).

      What turns my stomach is video after video of police brutality against minorities. A recent video surfaced on NY cops on 12/17/14. Even though two cops already had a black youth pinned against a police car for several minutes, another cop came running up and began punching him in the kidneys. He stopped after realizing citizens were filming him. Even when the victim stated he wasn’t the one who pushed her, he was STILL handcuffed and taken to the police station. Even though he committed no crime.

      I know.. “but why do they resist arrest?” I agree that both sides exacerbate each other. Cops use unnecessary force. Some citizens resist arrest. I agree that when this happens, both sides are escalating the issue BUT…when you hear stories like Victor White, it can make you afraid to be arrested. Victor was a black man who was frisked twice, handcuffed and put in the back of a police car, but still managed to somehow “Kill Himself” using his NON-DOMINANT hand and a gun that cops supposedly missed during 2 frisks, WITH HIS HANDS CUFFED BEHIND HIS BACK. They ruled his death a suicide even though the forensics showed no powder on his body, so the shot came from a distance. They supposedly magically forgot to dust his hands for gunshot residue to prove he did it before washing the body. Stories like that are enough to make any black citizen afraid of police, and so they resist arrest. All of this is done and the police are RARELY held accountable. They are judged by their peers/friends. If civilian criminals were judged by their friends, how often do you think we would get a conviction?

      There is no one policing the police. How many unarmed citizens were killed by police this year? WE DON’T KNOW because the police are NOT REQUIRED to REPORT that statistic to anyone. Each of the 750,000 police stations across America chooses what they want to report. It’s a VOLUNTARY reporting system. Recently, however, legislation has been moving through to require police to report this sort of information.

      Can you see the vicious cycle?

      Asking for police accountability isn’t the same as being anti-cop. I am very pro-police. They have a hard job. I just want them held accountable in the same way that every other profession is held accountable. Doctors, nurses, lawyers, – all are held accountable if they injure a person while breaking the law. It should be no different for our police. How can they uphold the law with one hand but break it and get a free pass with the other. They shouldn’t.

    • Preliminary statistics released today by the FBI show that 27 law enforcement officers were feloniously killed in the line of duty in 2013, a decrease of more than 44 percent when compared to the 49 officers killed in 2012

  9. Thank you for taking the time to work through and clearly write about what is obviously an emotional topic for you. You’ve said so many things that I have been thinking and feeling about this topic. As I read, I had to wonder if autism plays a small part in our being more concerned than our white friends. Often we see patterns and logic and facts more clearly than NTs do. We know too well what is like to be a misunderstood minority who are stereotyped and treated differently. It’s like when London McCabe was killed, and I was emotionally distraught- when I read the first paragraph of the article to my mom, and it said how the boy was autistic and the husband sick, my mom commented on “that poor mom” before saying anything about that poor *murdered child.* I know that my faith also plays a part for me (recognizing the equality and value of every human life).

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